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The UK property market has moved particularly slowly over the past 2 years; and finding creative ways to sell your house quickly is becoming even more challenging for homeowners looking for a fast sale visit http://www.sellhousefast123.co.uk

However, there is one way you can guarantee your house will sell, and that is using a cash property buying company. These companies are prominent on the internet, and usually offer a genuine way to sell any property in the UK for cash.

However they aren’t without their downsides, and potential scams which I have highlighted below:-

40% now and the rest later?
One method of sale that cash buying companies are trying, is to give the homeowner 40% of their properties value now, and claim to pay the rest in 10 years’ time when the property market increases. This is a very risky strategy for any home seller, and should be taken with great caution. It may be an idea to seek professional financial advice before considering any such option.

Last minute price changes?
This is probably the most common scam that is taking place in the cash house buyer industry; basically what happens is, the vendor agrees a particular price with the cash buying company, the process of valuation takes place, contracts are signed, and on the day of completion – the cash buying company pulls the plug! They come back with a newly reduced offer, and if the vendor is not prepared to accept that offer – the cash buying company simply walks away!

Fake cash buyers?
There is an increasing concern in the UK about the number of companies that are claiming to be ‘cash buyers’ when in actual fact – they don’t have the funds available to purchase your property. What they usually do is rely on your property selling on the open market or an investor using a mortgage product.

The best way to protect yourself is to use a company that you can trust. Make sure they can provide you with proof of funds, meaning they have the cash readily available to purchase property; make sure they have relevant credentials to prove they are a regulated and approved company, and finally make sure you trust them. If it comes to it, even ask to speak to previously happy customers so you can get a feel for exactly how the company operate.

For free impartial advice on selling your house quickly for cash, and the options that are available to you, why not speak to one of our friendly advisors now on 0800 612 7917.

Alternatively just enter your details online for a quick indication of how much you are likely to receive in cash for your home.

Remember, our offering system is 100% FREE, we are genuine cash buyers, and you pay no fees to sell with us. Just enter your details NOW.

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Simply entering your postcode into Nethouseprices will give you free information on properties that have recently sold in your area. You can even narrow down your search to the age of a property and style, and see the details on a map.


Zoopla is another great free tool for homeowners. It works very similarly to NetHousePrices, but it has the additional benefits of colour-coded Google maps highlighting streets that acheive the highest sale prices, visit Zoopla.


At Ourproperty you have to register to get access to the property information. It is based on data provided by homeowners, who provide details about their properties online.


Land Registry

The Land Register is an official UK site, and collects data on real sales in the UK. With the information provided your can check out the House Price Index, which gives a break down into sales in areas, regions and different property types. The only issue with this information is it takes on average 3 months for a property sale details to go onto it.

Registers of Scotland

Registers of Scotland is very similar to Land Registery, but as the name suggests is for Scotland sales only. As with the Land Registry, there is a 3 month wait for data.

Halifax house prices

Halifax bank independently collect statistics on the housing market, including reginal house sales and prices acheived. The only issue with this service is that it is based on mortgage approvals, not all will be actual house sales.


Similarly to Halifax, Nationwide collect similar information on house sales. You can download reports and further information from the Nationwide website.


What People Are Saying About Us

d. carruthers

After losing my job I was struggling to keep up repayments on my mortgage. I went to see my estate agent who recommended I put my property on the open market. After 3 months I still had no sale, and was falling deeper into debt. I decided to look on the internet at the various quick sale companies and what they could do to help me. I had heard horror stories in the past so was a bit worried. QuickerHouseSale made me feel at ease from day one. They seemed to actually care about their customers and had my best interests at heart and not just after ripping me off!

I ended up using the estate agency option as I didn't have enough equity to sell for quick cash. It took just 19 days for QHS to find me a buyer. And the buyer was serious! 5 weeks later I sold my house and got the price I wanted. If only I had dealt with QHS in the first place!

r. martin

I needed cash for my house and I wanted to sell quickly. I tried various companies on the internet, and decided to go ahead with one I had seen on the TV. This national home buying company tried to charge me for a valuation. I was at this point a bit concerned so I phoned QHS. They told me any company asking for a fee was likely to be a scam. I decided to change buyer, and QHS had a valuer out the very next day. In total it took me just 11 days from start to finish to sell my house with this company. They made an offer and they stuck with it, and paid the cash into my account. I really have nothing bad to say about QHS!

t. browning

David from QHS helped me out of a rut I was in. I was going through a messy divorce and needed a quick sale. QHS helped me and I can't thank them enough. A+++ RECOMMENDED!

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